qa-build errros on clean code

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at
Wed Feb 15 22:53:27 PST 2012

Markus Mohrhard wrote (15 februari 2012 19:05)
>Since you now disabled
>the test can you at least check after a full build that if you start
>calc insert a note in B2 and then insert a column before B2 the note
>is moved to C2. Ideally you would even check that inserting a row will
>move the note to C3.

I can't check right now, but I will try later this afternoon.
One thing that might help you: after performing git pull -r, the first
build goes OK. When I change one little harmless thing in a source
file (in sw in my case), make gives theassertion in ucalc.cxx. 
Reverting the change, make clean and make will still produce the 
assertion in ucalc.cxx.

>And can you please tell us your build options. You are now the thirs
>person in two weeks complaining about this failure so i would like to
>fix it ASAP.

My build option are:
./ --with-max-jobs=6 --with-num-cpus=6 --without-junit --enable-dbgutil


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