qa-build errros on clean code

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at
Thu Feb 16 08:22:59 PST 2012

Markus Mohrhard wrote (15 februari 2012 19:05)
>I don't like this solution but well the other option is to debug ucalc
>and find why it fails ( it does not for me ). Since you now disabled
>the test can you at least check after a full build that if you start
>calc insert a note in B2 and then insert a column before B2 the note
>is moved to C2. Ideally you would even check that inserting a row will
>move the note to C3.

I wouldn't know how to debug ucalc as the error occurs during make.
If you tell me how I am willing to help, but I may have limited time.

I took a full build (after git pull -r and disabling the ucalc-lines that produce
the assertion), started calc and did what you asked:
when inserting a column left of B2, the note moved to C2;
when inserting a row above C2, the not emoved to C3.
However, my console gave some messages when I chose 'insert note' 
(via right mouse key - menu):
SfxShell::SetUndoManager: exchanging one non-NULL manager with another
non-NULL manager? Suspicious!
impBufferDevice render helper: Copying from Window to VDev, this should be avoided (!)
When ending inputting text into the note (selecting a cell at random), both messages
appeared on my console again, this time in reversed order.
I hope this helps.


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