feature/gbuild_java is finished

Matúš Kukan matus.kukan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 06:29:59 PST 2012

On 16 February 2012 13:29, David Tardon <dtardon at redhat.com> wrote:
> The generated UNO classes must be present in ridl.jar . They are (or
> should be) added into the jar by
> $(eval $(call gb_Jar_add_packagedirs,ridl,\
>    $(WORKDIR)/CustomTarget/ridljar/javamaker/class/com \
> ))

Ok, so they were present but in wrong form, there was:

-       $(foreach root,$(PACKAGEDIRS),&& $(gb_Jar_JARCOMMAND) uf $(2)
-C $(dir $(root)) $(notdir $(root))) \
+       $(foreach root,$(PACKAGEDIRS),&& cd $(dir $(root)) &&
$(gb_Jar_JARCOMMAND) uf $(2) $(notdir $(root))) \

helps solve the problem.
jar command on Windows seems to behave differently when using -C


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