Building LibreOffice on Windows

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Mon Feb 20 01:58:35 PST 2012

> Okay so it might be nuts, but has anyone tried creating a native VS
> solution/projects, which ruins inside the ide?

In theory it should be fairly trivial to create a "native" (whatever
that means) VS solution that just runs the same Cygwin make that you
would start manually otherwise.

But I guess that is not what you meant...

So could you please explain what you actually want to be able to do?
Is it really just pressing "F5" instead of typing "make"?

If you want to use VS for debugging, that is certainly already
possible; and in fact is the way one usually debugs LO on Windows.
Works fine.

If you want to use VS as an editor, to write code, well, that should
be possible, too. Although it might be that this would introduce TAB
characters in the source files, which we don't want.

But my guess would be that you would want VS to *understand* the LO
codebase, so that you could use the "programming by tooltips"
paradigm? Given the size of the LO codebase (and perhaps the way it
uses C++), I guess that would be quite hard. But you can try...


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