Building LibreOffice on Windows

Jesús Corrius jesus at
Mon Feb 20 01:58:54 PST 2012

> Okay so it might be nuts, but has anyone tried creating a native VS
> solution/projects, which ruins inside the ide? Could one be created cmake
> style perhaps?

5 years ago I did that for a non trivial Open Source project (it
included gtk, python, gstreamer, etc.).
I would say it was more or less 35% of the work it would require to do
it for LibreOffice, and it took me around 6 months (8 hours a day) to
have it perfectly right. On the other side, LibreOffice is easier as
the code already compiles well on Windows.

It can be done, yes. But it requires several months of work from
someone who knows what is doing and the result would probably be a
nightmare to maintain.

Jesús Corrius <jesus at>

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