Windows tinderbox on private branch

Lionel Elie Mamane lionel at
Mon Feb 20 04:24:52 PST 2012


Would it be possible to have a Windows tinderbox build a private
branch of mine? It would roughly be libreoffice-3-5 plus most of my
commits to master.

As far as the LibreOffice project is concerned, this would allow me to
dogfood the changes I do to master in production => a better Base in
3.6. It would mean I don't quite dogfood pristine 3.5 myself =>
possibly a worse Base in 3.5 (until bugreports come in). IMHO, early
testing of master is more precious (rare) than testing of pristine
3.5, so it is worth it.

It would *also* mean I can roll out bugfixes (or new features) I make
to production faster without switching to master dailies, so yes, I
also have a business interest in this (but envisioned only for my
employer's internal use, so no competition with your employers).

Practicalities: the best would probably be for me to push that branch
to the "official" freedesktop git? I'm of half a mind to just call it
something like "LEM-working" or "lmamane" and of half a mind to call
it something like "features/base-preview".

Thanks in advance,


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