[REVIEW] [PATCH]bug 44516 improved label and business card document creation

Cor Nouws oolst at nouenoff.nl
Mon Feb 20 06:22:26 PST 2012

Hi Kendy, *,

Jan Holesovsky wrote (14-02-12 14:47)

> Winfried Donkers píše v Út 14. 02. 2012 v 07:44 +0100:
>> Can this patch be pushed to 3.4 and 3.5 branches as well?
>> The patch addresses problem that go way back in time (pre-LibreOffice at least).
> The problem is that it is partially a feature, and introduces new
> strings :-( - so as such, it would be better to wait for 3.6, sorry for
> that.

My apologies for stepping in here.

As discussed last week on IRC, I would love if it were possible to have 
this patch included in at least 3.5.x

Here's my reasoning:
- it's basically a bug fix;
- it only includes two very simple strings.
So I would expect that l10n teams will be more than happy to do that 
little task in between.

Now on IRC we also noticed that the patch is huge > thus expensive to 
    (  80a72c4cc7edc6b4c0b88d841500617cd733cbf7 1.2 MB )

I had a look at the patch and the comments/explanation from Winfried in 
the issue.
It turns out that 97.9 % of the patch consists of the changes in the 
labels.xcu file:
  - comments for people maintaining
  - added width& height to the data of each label definition.
So that's not a big deal wrt complicity.

I guess there only are < 100 lines with some intelligence in it (lots of 
setting properties, defining and such).

I checked some of the labels.xcu changes and all is consistent.
Am willing to check the more simple code too. But would really love 
others to look at the rest.

Can we make a deal here ;-)


  - Cor
  - http://nl.libreoffice.org

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