[REVIEW] [PATCH]bug 44516 improved label and business card document creation

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Mon Feb 20 08:13:31 PST 2012

Hi Cor,

On Mon, 2012-02-20 at 15:22 +0100, Cor Nouws wrote:
> > Winfried Donkers píše v Út 14. 02. 2012 v 07:44 +0100:
> >> Can this patch be pushed to 3.4 and 3.5 branches as well?
> >> The patch addresses problem that go way back in time (pre-LibreOffice at least).

	:-) it is some great work Winfried. For 3.4 I suspect it is rather out
of the question, that is in some deep freeze mode now I think and all
the ultra conservative guys who prefer bugs they know, to potential
fixes they don't know use that. For 3.5 there is more hope.

> Jan Holesovsky wrote (14-02-12 14:47)
> > The problem is that it is partially a feature, and introduces new
> > strings :-( - so as such, it would be better to wait for 3.6, sorry for
> > that.

	It is indeed an issue.

> As discussed last week on IRC, I would love if it were possible to have 
> this patch included in at least 3.5.x

	So - we'd need approval from the translators - can you go and persuade
them Cor ? We might also want a write-up of how bad the bug is that it
fixes, and/or how many people it impacts. Then we'd need triple code
review for the new feature - you'd need to find and/or persuade another
three guys to read this carefully.

> Now on IRC we also noticed that the patch is huge > thus expensive to 
> review.
>     (  80a72c4cc7edc6b4c0b88d841500617cd733cbf7 1.2 MB )

	Quite :-) but review also involves testing, and how many people have
these labels, and/or even understand the issue well enough to do that ?
Have you done a lot of testing yourself Cor ? perhaps that'd help give
more confidence.

	Anyhow - I don't see a special case for bending the rules of triple
reviews, nor a reason to refuse it if it gets that widespread
support :-) it's a nice fix.

	All the best,


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