UI question regarding SfxToolBoxControls

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at dci-electronics.nl
Mon Feb 20 23:52:57 PST 2012

I am working on fdo45671 which concerns the use of 'split buttons' for font/background/border colours, split button meaning that you can either choose from the colour palette or that you can use the used color.
Presently, the last used colour is stored within the control (mLastColor) and in the shell (e.g. ScFormatShell, SwTextShell) where the execute function is.
I would like to obtain the last used colour from the control when the execute function is called. When a user wants to use the last used colour, the execute funtion is called with the SlotId, but without other arguments.
Does anyone know if and how the control can be addressed from the execute function (with the SlotId as key)? I can then add a simple GetLastColor() method to the control and remove all redundant lastusedColor stuff within the shell.

Thanks for any help :)


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