Visual Studio cppu::bootstrap exception on 3.5.

Martin Thoma martin at
Wed Feb 22 03:13:06 PST 2012


We have a windows-application using OpenOffice and LibreOffice for a long
time. There were no problems migrating from OpenOffice to LibreOffice, this
all worked fine. We develop this application with Visual Studio 2005.

While testing the new LO 3.5 (14.02.12, 3.5.0rc3), ::cppu::bootstrap()fails
with a cppu::BootstrapException on this version. With LO 3.4.5, everything
works fine.

Compared to 3.4.5, we just changed the path pointing to offapi.rdb in the
call of cppumaker:
3.4.5: cppumaker -Gc -BUCR -O "E:/lo/sdk/includecpp" "C:/Program
Files/LibreOffice 3.4/URE/misc/types.rdb" "C:/Program Files/LibreOffice

3.5: cppumaker -Gc -BUCR -O "E:/lo/sdk/includecpp" "C:/Program
Files/LibreOffice 3.5/URE/misc/types.rdb" "C:/Program Files/LibreOffice

To exclude errors in our application, we created a new project and inserted
the source from 
=> this works fine in LO 3.4.5., but with 3.5, we get the

Is this any known problem? How can I get more information of what might be
the problem? Is there any kind of changelog for the SDK to give me hints
what might have changed so that cppu::BootstrapException fails or to
determinate if it might be a bug?



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