Visual Studio cppu::bootstrap exception on 3.5.

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Wed Feb 22 05:54:27 PST 2012

On 02/22/2012 01:50 PM, Martin Thoma wrote:
>> Are you building that SimpleBootstrap_cpp example with the 3.4.5 SDK,
>> with the 3.5 SDK, or with a hand-crafted build environment of your own?
> So far with a hand-craftet build environment for Microsoft Visual Studio.
>> For 3.5, LO's basis and brand layers have been re-merged into a single
>> layer, so the paths of lots of files within the LO installation have
>> changed.
> It doesn't seem to be so complicated: In the past you had to know the pathes
> of the rdb-files to make cppumaker run to generate the header-files. Then we
> added the pathes of the DLLs needed to PATH, define CPPU_ENV=msci, and well:
> We were able to connect without problems.
> In the past, if we did something wrong here, there was a "could not include
> file" or "DLL not found" error, but now everything compiles without warnings
> or errors (so the headers should be ok) and the DLLs are found and loaded
> correctly as well. I do not exclude that we made something wrong, but
> without a kind of "changelog" or a clear error-message, I'm a bit stuck here
> how to isolate the problem.

Yeah, but as you are "messing around" with the internals, all I can 
offer you is "have a look into the code."  The high-level changelog is 
"lots of paths changed due to layer merging" and the low-level changelog 
is the git logs---there's unfortunately nothing in-between that might be 
of help to you.


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