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Mon Feb 27 23:25:53 PST 2012


Atri Sharma wrote
> The system shall be a semantic checker for Writer.Spell checking
> systems have the facility of flagging erratical spellings and suggest
> useful correctiions in most cases.But,we do not have a system which
> can perform semantic checking and corrections.For e.g. if a user types
> 'I apples like' instead of 'I like apples',the spell check will not
> find any error in it,but,our new system will be able to flag the error
> and suggest corrections.
> This shall be done using fuzzy string matching and a knowledge base of
> sentence models.The sentence models shall be of format
> <noun><identifier><adjective> etc.

Have a look on Lightproof, the Python grammar checker:

Hunspell dictionaries can also be grammatically tagged, though only the
Hungarian dictionary and the French one.
Hunspell documentation:



The system shall be in a learning mode initially.Users can point out
> mistakes in the error detection done by the system and the system will
> make a not of the correction by the user.
Adding a feature to Lightproof which would allow users to specify false
positive would be great.


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