Regarding development of a feature for Libreoffice Writer

Atri Sharma atri.jiit at
Tue Feb 28 00:33:25 PST 2012

> Hi All,
> In follow up to my last mail,I would like to thank Olivier and Tor for
> their valuable suggestions.
I went through LightProof,and I believe LightProof,in the motive for being
light,has a limited set of features.They are very useful,but not
complete(in my opinion).

I want to build a complete,'real' system that can actually understand
Grammer(sentence structures,grammatical categories etc).I understand that
will take a long time,but I assure you that,given enough time,I should be
able to design and implement the system.

Another thing,I was just wondering if I could put up a part of the system
as a project for GSoc?Or,if I could interface lightproof(with some changes)
as a project for GSoc?

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