Regarding development of a feature for Libreoffice Writer

Cedric Bosdonnat cbosdonnat at
Tue Feb 28 01:39:29 PST 2012

Hi Atri,

On Tue, 2012-02-28 at 14:50 +0530, Atri Sharma wrote:
> So,basically,you mean that as many open source grammar checkers are
> available,I should not persue my concept?

You should leave that idea at least for GSoC. But I don't want to
discourage you to hack on it outside of GSoC. IMHO, it would be best to
contact people working on the existing FOSS grammar checkers to present
your idea.

> Actually,I talked to Kohei on IRC today and he seemed to like the
> idea.In fact,he said he'll talk to you about it.

Yes, he mailed me the whole IRC log.

> I was just going through the link you sent me.I think revamping the
> gallery tool would be a great thing as I can see that I can use many
> algorithms,techniques to build a fast and accurate system.We can
> design a system that allows more user flexiblity and we can allow the
> user to define more parameters for more accurate searching.The data
> can be stored in form of trees(that would lead to a fast search) and
> we can use other techniques for fast retrieval from various open
> sites.Later on,we can build an interface to the system that allows
> easy connectivity to any new open library.This will ensure continous
> addistion to our database.

I don't want to disappoint you, but the hard thing here isn't about
algorithms and searching. The point in that project to delegate the
storage / search to an online repository like openClipart.

The thrilling part of this project is more about in designing and
implementing an innovative UI for navigating in the cliparts. The
connection to openClipart has been implemented a few years ago. Even if
it may need a small cleanup it shouldn't be the biggest part of the

I hope to have explained that topic a bit more.


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