Most elegant way to disable all BASIC functionality?

Eike Rathke erack at
Tue Feb 28 03:59:57 PST 2012

Hi Andras,

On Monday, 2012-02-27 17:02:05 +0100, Andras Timar wrote:

> 2012/2/27 Eike Rathke <erack at>:
> > If Security Level is set to Very High and no paths are added to Trusted
> > Sources, then no BASIC is executed at all (which btw I strongly
> > recommend as a developer loading bug documents from external sources).
> > So maybe hard-wiring that setting for the App-Store and not offer the
> > dialog would be enough?
> When I set Macro Security Very High, I can still run the Euro
> Converter Wizard (written in Basic).

I should had restricted "not at all" to "all basic calls emitted by
a document" ;-)  where basic is called through

For functionality that we ship or extensions installed it should not
matter which language they are written in?!?


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