[PATCH] fdo#46193: Let the user copy error message from error dialog

Andras Timar timar74 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 12:26:00 PST 2012

Hi Szabolcs,

2012/2/28 Dézsi Szabolcs <dezsiszabi at hotmail.com>:
> Hello!
> I created a new class in cui/. : CopyableWarningBox (copywarnbox.hxx and
> copywarnbox.cxx). This class gets instantiated in
> cui/source/dialogs/scriptdlg.cxx (last method).
> I couldn't manage to do the sizing dynamically, so it creates a fix
> (500*300)
> dialog.
> To test the dialog run ./soffice. Tools/Macros/Run Macro...
> Expand LibreOffice Macros/Gimmicks/GetTexts and run GetCellTexts.

Thanks for the patch, it is the first step into the right direction. A
few notes:
* When you create a new file, please use the boilerplate licence
header, it is TEMPLATE.SOURCECODE.HEADER in root. Fill it in with your
details, e.g. you are the initial contributor, etc.
* What did you try for dynamical resizing? I did not try, but I think
you can query the text width and height with GetCtrlTextWidth and
GetTextHeight methods, then (textwidth % dialogwidth + 1)*textheight
or something like this will give you the required height of the

Would you please try and send a new patch?


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