Question: How do I rasterize an SVG to a BitmapEx

Andrew Higginson at.higginson at
Wed Feb 29 00:41:19 PST 2012


On 28 February 2012 14:55, Thorsten Behrens <thb at>wrote:

> Andrew Higginson wrote:
> > Sorry still don't understand, what class is the aSvgData? :/
> >
> Hi Andrew,
> ah, that was a somewhat made-up example - uno::Sequence<sal_uInt8>
> for the methods I used there. But it really depends on how/where you
> get your data read.

Okay but this is also where I need help, I don't know how best to read it
(I am not familiar with the best class to use etc.)

So if I am getting the SVG from the brand/ folder in the galaxy icon theme,
what should I use to read it?

Andrew Higginson
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