Question: How do I rasterize an SVG to a BitmapEx

Thorsten Behrens thb at
Wed Feb 29 02:36:51 PST 2012

Andrew Higginson wrote:
> So if I am getting the SVG from the brand/ folder in the galaxy icon theme,
> what should I use to read it?
Hi Andrew,

ok, some code pointers - look into vcl/source/app/brand.cxx,
Application::LoadBrandBitmap() on how to get to the brand dir - note
those $BRAND_BASE_DIR/program...  macros.

For actual reading, you'd probably want to use osl::File (in
osl/file.hxx), see e.g.
xmlhelp/source/cxxhelp/provider/inputstream.cxx for how to operate
it (open, read, getSize, close etc).

Create a local vector<sal_uInt8> of the appropriate size to read the
svg into then.


-- Thorsten
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