Trying to understand why LO seems freezed for some seconds when a module is started

Tommy barta at
Wed Feb 29 12:22:47 PST 2012

On Wed, 29 Feb 2012 14:50:32 +0100, Tommy <barta at> wrote:

>> again, using a "virgin" portable LibreOffice 3.5 (
>> )
>> has no start-typing-freeze in my user experience.
> let me partially retract this statement...
> after more accurate test I found that even a "virgin" 3.5.0  has a slight
> freeze
> when start typing... just 2-3 seconds..
> try typing "test" and hitting space... you will see that the cursor
> freezes after "tes"
> then writes the last letter and the space...
> with any word you use, there's always this 2-3 seconds freeze after the
> 3rd letter...

this short freeze is not present in LibO 3.4.5 and earlier version

so I think it's an issue of the 3.5.0 release

> it seems that huge autocorrect databases create a second freeze
> try this: enter the autocorr subfolder in your user profile (in Windows  
> is
> under: User\LibreOffice 3\user\autocorr)
> and put the attached acor_.dat file (backup yours first) which has 64000
> entries inside it.
> start LibO and open a blank writer file.
> digit "test" and hit space...
> you will see a first 2-3 second freeze after "tes" the the cursor moves  
> to
> "test"
> and another longer freeze (6 seconds maybe) happens before you see the
> "space"
> so there are 2 freeze moments, the first one is shorter and unrelated to
> autocorrection,
> while the second is longer and depends on autocorrection
> these tests were done on LibO 3.5.0
> Windows Vista 64bit SP1
> IntelCore2 Duo CPI P8400 at 2.26 GhZ, 4GB RAM

the 2nd longer freeze related to autocorrect is present in LibO 3.4.5 and  
earlier versions

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