[REVIEW][3-5][3-4] more problems in SwRootFrm dtor

Michael Stahl mstahl at redhat.com
Wed Feb 29 14:00:09 PST 2012

due to CWS swlayoutrefactoring there is another problem in SwRootFrm
destruction, which has been found with valgrind:
the children of the root frame are only destroyed by the base class
destructors, so since every layout frame has a pointer to the SwRootFrm
they may access its members after the SwRootFrm dtor has returned
(valgrind complained about an invalid read of a freed SwRootFrm member).

so refactor this a little to execute the base class dtors before
SwRootFrm dtor returns:


plus, valgrind also complained about this:


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