[Libreoffice] make dev-install error, dict-xx.oxt files not found

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at dci-electronics.nl
Tue Jan 3 03:10:15 PST 2012

I often get a failed make dev_install when building following a git pull --rebase.
The error is that dict-xx.oxt (today they were dict-an.oxt, dict-be.oxt, dict-el.oxt, dict-gd.oxt, dict-si.oxt and dict-te.oxt) files cannot be found.
This occurred also after a clean git clone on a new machine.

My quick and dirty solution is to copy dict-en.oxt to the missing ones, as I am not currently interested in these dictionaries.
But there should be a proper solution/cause to be fixed.

Can anyone help me on this?


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