[Libreoffice] bug 36874 (label printing) further improvement?

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at dci-electronics.nl
Tue Jan 3 22:55:41 PST 2012

>> My calculation is based on the assumption (presumption?) that the
>> page containing the labels is symmetrical, i.e. rotating the page
>> 180 degrees is not a problem, left margine equals right margin and
>> top margin equals bottom margin.

>some labels paper that I bought last year (I guess of too bad quality) 
>were not symmetric....

I found that too when I started to extend the label defintions (1700+ ...)
in labels.xcu with paper height and paper width. 
And also that by rounding off the calculated paper size can
differ +/- 2mm from the actual size, especially when the labels are small.


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