[Libreoffice] bug 36874 (label printing) further improvement?

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at dci-electronics.nl
Thu Jan 5 02:23:44 PST 2012

>>some labels paper that I bought last year were not symmetric....
>I found that too when I started to extend the label defintions (1700+ ...) in labels.xcu with paper height and paper width. 
>And also that by rounding off the calculated paper size can differ +/- 2mm from the actual size, especially when the labels >are small.

Of the 1789 label definitions (including cards), 1418 are symmetrical and of standard paper size (A4, A5 or Letter). The remaining 371 have either unusual/incorrect dimensions or are not symmetrical. This encourages me to continue with the enhancement of including pper size in the labels.xcu file.

A question therefore:
What is best:
-to use bug 36874 (state resolved fixed) for this thread
-to create a new bug (with reference to 36874)
-use this list
for all comments/discussion etc.?
I think it would be good to have the comments together (traceable).

Wise men, please advise :)

And another question: many labeldefinitions in labels.xcu have German descriptions (e.g. from manufacturer Herma). Should these be translated to English? :(


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