[Libreoffice] [LibreOffice] fdo#39428 Remove/audit SvStream operator long

Keith McRae keithcoder at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 07:39:46 PST 2012

Hello all

I've hacked the tools/inc/stream.hxx and tools/source/stream/stream.cxx to
remove operator >>(long&) and operator <<(long).
To make tools/ build correctly I've also had to hack:


SvStream& operator << ( SvStream& rOStream, const Fraction& rFract )
SvStream& operator >> ( SvStream& rIStream, Fraction& rFract )
SvStream& operator>>( SvStream& rIStream, Pair& rPair )
SvStream& operator<<( SvStream& rOStream, const Pair& rPair )
SvStream& operator>>( SvStream& rIStream, Polygon& rPoly )
SvStream& operator<<( SvStream& rOStream, const Polygon& rPoly )

so that these operators (de)serialize the Fraction, Pair and Polygon
members (declared as long) as sal_Int32.

Trying a full build resulted in "undefined reference to
SvStream::operator>>(long&)" in svl/ vcl/ and svtools/ (so far). As most of
these errors are the result of trying to (de)serialize Pair derived
classes, I'm now wondering whether it may be a good idea to change the
troublesome members of these classes to sal_ types?

Best regards
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