[Libreoffice] libvisio: how can I help?

Fridrich Strba fridrich.strba at graduateinstitute.ch
Thu Jan 12 00:14:48 PST 2012


Thanks for filing the bugs. I really did not see that mistake with 
justified text, since I don't have many documents with justified text 
and since the problem with line-breaks and tabs are still preventing us 
from having the text completely correct and thus, I did not pay 
attention so much to visual differences in the text. Now

On 11/01/12 23:52, Bruno Girin wrote:
> I saw you had a look at all of the bugs I filed. Thanks for the
> feedback! I will have a go at progressing the arrowhead ones (#44551 and
> #44576) and the pattern one (#44552).

Yeah, I flagged them as entry-level tasks because they are reasonably 
contained in one function and can be used for deeper understanding of 
libvisio and its API. Especially the arrowheads should be +/- easy to 
start with since Eilidh did already an initial implementation.

> Having said this, it raises a newby question: I have a git clone of the
> LO code in one folder and a git clone of the libvisio code in another.
> What is the simplest way to build and run LO so that it uses the
> libvisio library I'm working on rather than the one that came with it so
> that I can test my fixes?

OK, here is what I do:

1) I install the git versions of libwpd/libwpg/libwps/libvisio (and 
libcdr for master builds) in the usual system prefix. For my 64-bit 
system it is --prefix=/usr --libdir=/usr/lib64

2) After that, I configure libreoffice master --with-system-libwpd, 
--with-system-libwpg, --with-system-libwps --with-system-libvisio 
--with-system-libcdr. Like that, once your build is finished and made 
dev-install, it will be using the system libraries that one can rebuild 
and reinstall.

3) For changes in writerperfect module then it is enough to have a 
terminal with sourced environment and after modifying something, just do 
"build" in the module. The dev-install should be using links to what the 
"build" produces.

Alternatively, you can build also the writerperfect module from the 
libwpd's git and install it. This will give you a vsd2odg binary that 
will output on your standard output the resulting odg from the 
conversion when called on a visio file:

vsd2odg <filename>.vsd | xmllint --format -

Because vsd2odt does not produce any line-breaks, so that command 
produces a nice readable xml that LO 3.5 loads nicely.

Don't hesitate to ask more, it allows me to document some things on this 
list. If you feel like that, you can move some of this information 
somewhere on a wiki :) I am a bit too lazy for that :)



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