[Libreoffice] error in running solenv/bin/ooinstall

Cor Nouws oolst at nouenoff.nl
Mon Jan 16 22:44:46 PST 2012


so fresh pull, make, make dev-install

$ cd install/program
$ . ./ooenv
$ ./soffice.bin

works as exxpected: build ID Build ID: a9ebfbc-9eed775-f061262

$ cd ../..
$ source ./Env/Host.sh
$ solenv/bin/ooinstall ~/LibreOffice/35master120116

gives errors ..

Running LibreOffice installer
Subroutine installer::epmfile::getcwd redefined at 
/home/cono/src/git/libo_core/solenv/bin/modules/installer/epmfile.pm line 43

... checking environment variables ...

ERROR: GUI not set in environment
ERROR: OUTPATH not set in environment
... cleaning the output tree ...
ERROR: ERROR: Environment variable not set!
in function: check_system_environment
ERROR: Saved logfile: logfile.log
Tue Jan 17 07:28:10 2012 (00:00 min.)
Failed to install:  at solenv/bin/ooinstall line 129.

Furthermore unable to locate the mentioned logfile.log somewhere between 
~ and /home/cono/src/git/libo_core/solenv/bin/

hints ?

  - Cor
  - http://nl.libreoffice.org

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