[Libreoffice] error in running solenv/bin/ooinstall

Cor Nouws oolst at nouenoff.nl
Tue Jan 17 13:49:43 PST 2012

Hi Jam,

Jam Bees wrote (17-01-12 21:25)

> I can't help with the rest, but here's a star finding the log filet:
> touch timestampfile.file
> Run solenv/bin/ooinstall ~/LibreOffice/35master120116
> find ./ -newer timestamp.file | grep *log
> Does that make conceptual sense? You make a file, then run the command
> that should generate the log file, then ask find to find any files newer
> than the reference file and grep the output to locate the log.

thanks - makes sense and is clear :-) - I'll mark those for later...

you know, when running this, the error does not show up again. Though I 
tried three times before (and never had the error in previous situations 
Only difference that I restarted some moment today .. (thought I was 
running *nix - might have screwed up a shell earlier??)

  - Cor
  - http://nl.libreoffice.org

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