[Libreoffice] Important details for easy woking on LibreOffice

Danylo Sa einlanzer at gmx.net
Sun Jan 22 06:12:41 PST 2012


People who used MS Office before has some complaints about LibreOffice:

 1 - Insert number of pages is a pain in LibreOffice Writer.
     Why all this complication for a simple task?

   --> Why don't you include the old "pagination" extension in main release?

 2 - Printing only even pages or odd pages is a pain in LibreOffice.
     Lots of people doesn't know that left pages means "even" and right pages means "odd"

   --> Why don't you include the terms "odd" and "even" beside the "right" and "left" terms? It would be like this:

         [ ] print only left pages (even)
         [ ] print only right pages (odd)

    Your office suite is the best; however, it needs some tweaks.
    I love LibreOffice and God bless you all.
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