[Libreoffice] Flat ODF usage in Git [Was: concept for c++ based subsequenttests]

Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 23 06:45:18 PST 2012

Hello Niko,

2012/1/23 Niko Rönkkö <ronkko at iki.fi>:
>>        Only one query; I wonder whether we should be using the flat (fods)
>> file-type for these tests - so we can read meaningful diffs to them in
>> the git history.
> +1 for this...
> ... and I also think that all ODF files in git repos should be in Flat
> ODFormat so that the Git can track them easily.

This makes only sense for the subsequenttest files. For all other
files we want to test the normal filters directly, e.g. sc's
filters-test with sc/qa/unit/data.

I have been working a bit on the flat odf support in the c++ based
subsequenttests but I still miss at leat one dependency and at the
moment I have no idea which one. If you want to play a bit with it you
can run it in gdb and chech where the exception in
Desktop::loadComponentFromURl is coming from. Then you need to follow
this path a bit until you reache a point where a uno factory call
failed and returnend an empty uno interface.

If it makes sense at all( see michael's comment) can only be checked
after it works.


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