missing configure option: --without-cppunit -- was [BUILD] consistent test failures under windows

David Ostrovsky d.ostrovsky at gmx.de
Tue Jul 3 00:42:46 PDT 2012


Zitat von Mat M <matm at gmx.fr>:

> Hello
> Le Sun, 10 Jun 2012 12:44:42 +0200, Korrawit Pruegsanusak  
> <detective.conan.1412 at gmail.com> a écrit:
> > I think you should disable your antivirus during the build. It
> > captures CVE files as a threat, and delete / quarantine them.
> >
> I eventually found that files are copied into the tmp folder of cygwin  
> before being used by tests, so c:\cygwin\tmp is the path to exclude, not  
> the libo sources one.

it only works if you do have admin rights.
Think about enterprise where you do not have it.
In that case you will end up manually commented all CVE
cpp units calls in the tree (and there are a lot).

Actually I'm missing the build option:
--without-ccpunit (or at least --without-cve-unit)

Unit tests are really important and we need more of them.
In some circumstances however (tracking down critical problems on some strange platform) all you want is to get debug build done and not to mess around with ... antivirus settings!

Unfortunatelly current integration of cpp units in LO build 
infrastructure is broken. To see why try to activate the production 
option --without-xmlsec on linux ... and you will not be able to build at all.

And yes I provided a patch for that (you can find it on ML) and it was rejected with (a bad) joke justification: you *should* not use *this* option on linux.

Another option would be to introduce some means to activate only specific cpp units:
like lately introduced per lib activation of debug symbols.

I am going to provide a patch for this option:
--without-cppunit (note we have already --without-junit).
It more or less one line change ... so next time you would have a choice ;-)


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