missing configure option: --without-cppunit -- was [BUILD] consistent test failures under windows

Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 3 18:35:52 PDT 2012

Hello David, Mat,

> it only works if you do have admin rights.
> Think about enterprise where you do not have it.
> In that case you will end up manually commented all CVE
> cpp units calls in the tree (and there are a lot).

I doubt that you're allowed to build LibO in such an environment.

> Actually I'm missing the build option:
> --without-ccpunit (or at least --without-cve-unit)
> Unit tests are really important and we need more of them.
> In some circumstances however (tracking down critical problems on some strange platform) all you want is to get debug build done and not to mess around with ... antivirus settings!
> Unfortunatelly current integration of cpp units in LO build
> infrastructure is broken. To see why try to activate the production
> option --without-xmlsec on linux ... and you will not be able to build at all.

--without-xmlsec is not an option for Linux builds. You may call it a
bad joke but it was never intended for this purpose. This is not
broken, this has been added by design to make sure that we will never
again get into the siutation where we can't open any of our password
protected files.

> And yes I provided a patch for that (you can find it on ML) and it was rejected with (a bad) joke justification: you *should* not use *this* option on linux.
> Another option would be to introduce some means to activate only specific cpp units:
> --enable-cppunit="sw"
> like lately introduced per lib activation of debug symbols.

I'm strongly against this idea. Everyone should ALWAYS execute all
tests and not only the tests someone thinks are useful. You can see at
the subsequenttests what happens to tests that are optional.

> I am going to provide a patch for this option:
> --without-cppunit (note we have already --without-junit).
> It more or less one line change ... so next time you would have a choice ;-)

Please save your time and work on something more useful. There are
ways to prevent the execution of the unit tests during the build but
they are not widespread for good reasons. We learned in the past that
we need to make it as difficult as possible to build without executing
the unit tests. All our tests should normally execute fine on all
major platforms and if not that is a serious bug and we need to fix it
as fast as possible. IMHO adding a simple documented way to disable
the unit test will make many more developers disable them and in the
end result in more broken tests and undiscovered bugs.


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