help with tail_build

David Ostrovsky david.ostrovsky at
Wed Jul 4 12:50:50 PDT 2012

On 04.07.2012 13:20, Olivier Hallot wrote:
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> Hi
> My (linux) build actually works but I face a stressing situation
> Each time I do a git pull -r and then make, then tail_build seems to
> build from scratch and takes hours to finish, making my work a PITA.
> my autogen is this one:
> - --with-num-cpus=4
> - --with-max-jobs=4
> - --with-vendor=Olivier Hallot
> - --enable-graphite
> - --with-lang=pt-BR en-US qtz
> - --disable-mozilla
> I have a I5 machine with 6GB.
> I must be missing something... I'll appreciate some advise to make
> tail_build compile faster/shorter
Note you don't need --disable-mozilla any more. It is disabled be 
default (on master).

Can you check the place in output if ccache was correctly 
It sounds like you are compiling without ccache.
Try ccache -s to check if it is working correctly (in my case):
cache hit (direct)                 98667
cache size                            23.0 Gbytes
max cache size                    100.0 Gbytes

Also it may be needed to configure ccache, add something like this in 

# optionaly set CCACHE_DIR to second hard drive if you have one:
export CCACHE_DIR=/mnt/your_second_hard_drive
# set max cache size to 100 GB
ccache -M 100


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