Windows Build Error

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Thu Jul 5 11:30:19 PDT 2012

On 05/07/12 19:33, Amy Chapman wrote:
> Hello,
> I was asked to submit this build error to the mailing list.
> I attempted to build LO from Master on Windows 7 x64 using Cygwin 1.71 
> and MS Visual Studio 2008 Professional, with the git repository in 
> C:\lo, using the LO patched version of make for Cygwin (3.82), and using 
> these options for the autogen script: --with-max-jobs=4 
> --with-num-cpus=4 --with-vendor=Amy --disable-binfilter --with-help=no 
> --disable-mozilla --disable-xmlsec --with-ant-home=/WinAnt 
> --without-myspell-dicts --without-junit --enable-ccache --without-java 
> --disable-dependency-tracking

by the way, --disable-dependency-tracking is a bad idea if you intend to
modify the code.

> My build failed with the error "fatal error RC1106: invalid option: 
> -ologo" when building sal. Make clean and making sal again did not 
> resolve the error.
> This is the tail end of my error log (link expires in 2 months): 

that is most odd; this can only be the -nologo in
solenv/gbuild/platform/ line 674, but why would it be
mangled to become -ologo?  (i don't have a MSVC build environment here.)

can you try the following:

1. remove the line 674 with -nologo (i expect this to work)

2. leave -nologo in but remove line 671
   "$(call gb_Helper_abbreviate_dirs,\" plus one closing parenthesis
   at the end of line 678 "$(RCFILE) )"

3. revert commit c42a8d41afbd8c49b68046eeb8480e04d4f072c4

which of these result in a working build in sal?  (best to try with
"make sal.clean sal")

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