gerrit lame / non-reviews spammage

Bjoern Michaelsen bjoern.michaelsen at
Tue Jul 10 02:59:57 PDT 2012

Hi Michael,

Threadbreaking for visibility and topic change. We are talking about the gerrit
to dev-list firehose.

Michael Meeks wrote:
> Hmm; I'd want to capture substantive reviews really; but - I guess this is
> better for now. 

The tricky question is: what is a 'substantive review'? Some Ideas:

1) By score
   A substantive review has at least:
    - verfied -1 (Fails)
    - or a code-review=-1,-2 or +2
   Everything else (esp. +1 verified or only code-review=0,1) are not copied to the list

2) By keyword
   A substantive review is on which contains the keyword "copytodevlist".

3) By heuristic
   Do something with wordcount and other fancy stuff.

I find solution 2 kinda neat in its pragmatic approach.

> It'd be really nice to extract the important [PUSHED] style information into
> the Subject so it's easy to immediately see & junk a thread that was handled
> already - if that's possible. Thanks !

Should be done now. I removed the "Change in core[master]" boilerplate and
added '[PATCH]' and '[PUSHED]' as appropriate. If we want to have it more fancy
we could do virtually everything with

but the hard part is coming up with a sensible definition what we (as a
community of devs) want. The last time we discussed that it ended in 'send
everything to the list', which proved suboptimal in the end. So some more
frontup work needed there.



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