gbuild migration

David Tardon dtardon at
Wed Jul 11 23:36:45 PDT 2012


On Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 04:10:10PM +0200, Bjoern Michaelsen wrote:
> Hi,
> just sending this out to the list as a sideresult of a random chat with David
> today: Looking at the modules that are still build with dmake (by grepping for
> Module.*delivered) and found:
>  - 18 external modules:
>    afms stax more_fonts graphite libcdr libmspub libcmis libvisio external
>    xsltml hsqldb tomcat xpdf apache-commons libxmlsec saxon jfreereport lpsolve
>  - 3 modules that need to die anyway:
>    cosv, udm, autodoc
>  - 7 "real" modules:
>    extras bridges soltools sysui cli_ure readlicense_oo setup_native

Did you mean external instead of extras?

> To get one gbuild instance build only (tail_build only), migrating the "real"
> module should be the enough for a start. I assume extras, setup_native,
> readlicense not being depended upon by anything other than scp2 (so they could
> be run after tail_build for now).

* IIRC every built extension depends on readlicense_oo for the license
* setup_native builds the ulfconv executable that is needed for scp2
  (yes, I already suggested at least once it should be moved elsewhere,
  probably to l10ntools. Good time to do it? :-)
* sysui depends on setup_native for the same reason as scp2 does--the
  .desktop and mimetype files are processed by ulfconv :-)

> So bridges, soltools, sysui, cli_ure are the
> ones that should allow us to do a 'complete' gbuild-only build, if anyone is
> looking for the 'important' remaining modules. ;)

I am very aware of that; I just took respite to work on 3.6 bugs for a
while :-) (I thought David was going to keep it rolling on, but
unfortunately he got interested in other things too :-)


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