gbuild migration

Andras Timar timar74 at
Thu Jul 12 02:30:02 PDT 2012


2012/7/12 David Tardon <dtardon at>:
> * sysui depends on setup_native for the same reason as scp2 does--the
>   .desktop and mimetype files are processed by ulfconv :-)

Are you sure? AFAIK ulfconv is needed only on Windows, it converts
utf-8 to legacy ANSI codepages. .desktop and mimetype files under
Linux should not need it.

(In fact, I tried what happened when we didn't use ulfconv at all.
Legacy ANSI codepages were required on Windows 9x. Windows 2000 and
above can handle Unicode. Interestingly, while characters appeared
correctly in Windows installer, but in multiline controls Windows
broke the lines in the middle of the words, not only at word
boundaries (spaces). So I failed to kill ulfconv.)

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