Enable CTL for Default?

Shahar Or mightyiampresence at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 12:03:30 PDT 2012

Hi. I submitted the fdo #47969 requesting RTL on by default.

Whatever the technical considerations may be, and I realize that there are
a lot of them, this is an old relic and needs some thought, the voices of
reason have been present here and I just wish to add the original
complaint, if I may call it that, that the issue is so great, that users
who should be able to use LibO for their work and they expect it to just
work, they encounter something new- an Office suit that knows not of their
needs. And I have heard a statement here that this only affects a small
number of users but this couldn't be further from the truth. You probably
realize that this is the most popular and best alternative productivity
suite - certainly the most popular in Linux distributions nowadays. And
these Linux distributions get far and wide, into the middle east and into
the hands of users whom use Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, etc..

This is a compelling issue. I would say a burning issue. Let us address
this in the most urgent manner and only afterwards should we deal with all
the consequences regarding performance, semantics, UI and all, which are
important, but let us first put out the fire, as we like to say here in the
middle east.

So the putting out of the fire as you probably assume what I am about to
suggest is to enable RTL (CTL) by default as was suggested. There are
concerns of bugs popping up but let me say two things about this. First,
I've been using LibO with CTL on since it's first packaging into an Ubuntu
release and I don't remember serious RTL bugs, let alone bugs which affect
non-RTL works just by enabling CTL. Second, don't we have development
branches for these kind of things - the odd numbered versions?

Thanks for all the attention that this gets. It really deserves it! We are
a good amount of users, here in the middle east and around the world!
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