[GSoC 2012][Collaboration] status, ideas

Matúš Kukan matus.kukan at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 17:15:13 PDT 2012

Hi Eike,

On 16 July 2012 15:16, Eike Rathke <erack at redhat.com> wrote:
> Do things work in any way now when the .client files are not installed?

Sure, like always. Registration now happens in TeleManager::registerClients()
So, if you run libreoffice and click Listen in contacts dialog,
telepathy clients are registered and you can accept connection.

> We'll need the MUC be configurable and not hardwired anyway. And both,
> 1-to-1 and MUC collaboration, should be possible. So extending the
> dialog for MUCs will be inevitable ;)

Hopefully I have improved the dialog now. It should be more usable.

> With the current setup it is impossible to run against a local jabberd
> that is not connected to the outer world.. in fact I pulled the changes
> and now can't test anything.

Hmm, pull again and hopefully when you do Listen in one soffice and
startBuddySession in another, it will work.

> Btw, the contacts list when opened is not populated until the Listen
> button is clicked once and the contacts dialog opened again.

I've changed this.
It was not good, I think, to have listed only contacts with
contact_supports_libo_dtube true.
Because later we want there also contacts without libreoffice running
but with installed .service and .client files.
And I am not sure whether it was working the same way. (if telepathy
reports them as supporting dtubes).

>>     There is no other case when someone sends us file ?
> Currently not. Maybe we could distinguish between a "send file" and
> "send file for collaboration" later.
>>     I am not sure how to do this. Some class alive as the whole
>> ./soffice is running could help.
> But that did already work with the "saveme" hack, or do I lose track
> here?

To receive a file should still work if you begin 1-1 collaboration.
But it will be just new file, not meant for collaboration...

>>     But still, after receiving new channel [4], I need to accept it,
>> receive the file and then bind the channel to that file ?
> Yes. But also that (except accepting) worked already, if I'm not
> mistaken.

...It has worked because every document was meant for collaboration
through TeleManager.
But now the document is bind to TeleConference only if it's being
collaborated on.

The file / channel handling code must be general and be able after
receiving a file
to know which channel bind to it and then tell the file about collaboration.

I have no idea how to set anything for that new, received document.
The code in ScDocFuncRecv::fileReceived is magic for me.
Also note that it's in wrong place. If I understand it correctly it's
not related to any session.
Libreoffice as a whole is something able to accept the signal about
I was tempted to move the code from ScDocFuncRecv::fileReceived
directly to TeleManager::TransferDone
but it would require tubes to link against more libraries etc. so I
let it be for now.

>> - Also unit test is broken
> Hum.. why that? It didn't break here, or is it the slowcheck
> subsequenttest?

It's disabled as discussed on irc.

>> Should I start working on side-bar widget we can dock ? Any hints?
>> But I think that we need to improve receiving channels and files,
>> handle TeleManager properly and everything related.
> Please work on the channels and file receiving internals first, widget
> eye candy can be added later.

Sure, but sometimes it's handy to have more topics at hand in case I
don't know how to continue with something. To switch a work can be
Removing from unusedcode.easy is always an option ;-)

>> Hope you can parse this, I am loosing myself,
> Seemed to do ;-)

Thanks :-)


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