Revert of hrc cleanup

Thomas Arnhold thomas at
Wed Jul 18 12:33:26 PDT 2012

Hi Folks,

as Markus stated in dc05a825e71316e6f602e5c8dfcd3d10ecb6252f those 
string cleanups aren't save. I've had the illusion, that by compiling 
and "quick checking" all of it got tested (mostly by compiling). Because 
there were complains, if I removed too much. I didn't touch things like 
STR_FOO_BEGIN 100 and STR_FOO_END 200 if there were definitions inside 
it and STR_FOO_BEGIN or STR_FOO_END were seen in the source. If this was 
the case, resources between 100 and 200 were used by a loop or something 

But that there are strings in use, which are never referenced in the 
source or at compile time (so that the compiler would complain) is some 
kind of strange. Or do I just not understand this?!

So I revert all of those string changes now. Because I can't ensure that 
there are more of those errors. Moreover I did remove a massive removal 
of resource ids. So may it be possible that there are false positives 
too. That sucks :(

Is there any way to get a real checkup what string and definitions are 
in use at all?! If not it would be safer to revert all of this cleanup. 
Even if that's very sad...

I don't wanted to mess all of this up.


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