Gerrit for users without OpenId account -- was Re: gerrit via email

David Ostrovsky david.ostrovsky at
Thu Jul 19 14:02:24 PDT 2012


On 19.07.2012 15:56, Terrence Enger wrote:
> Meanwhile, I note that Lionel asked me (back when our discussion was
> at the is-this-a-bug stage) to name him as reviewer when submitting
> the patch to gerrit.  I hope the email facility will let people do
> that kind of thing.
nice joke ;-) Or do you mean that seriously? Oh then certainly not.
We are not going to reinvent the wheel.
(ironically i argued recently that Bjoern might be ending up
translating the whole gerrit workflow to be used through mail client).

I have another idea how we can handle that specific case:
user doesn't have OpenId account but still want to use gerrit.

We can abuse gerit's batch user concept for that.
(You still can not use gerrit through web UI, but it should be no 
problem to use gerrit through command line)

1. You send your public key, say to gerrit admins.
2. They issue this command [1]

cat | ssh logerrit gerrit create-account --ssh-key - --full-name '"Terrence Enger"' --groupCommitters  --email tenger at terrence

3. you set up your gerrit environment as described here:
4. now you can upload your patches to gerrit yourself
and use all other gerrit commads as described here

For example you can set Lionel to be the reviewer of your patch yourself
with this command:



[1] Didn't test it, though.

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