Revert of hrc cleanup

Thomas Arnhold thomas at
Fri Jul 20 05:24:44 PDT 2012

Hi Eike,

On 07/19/2012 09:29 PM, Eike Rathke wrote:
> Some values are used as results of calculations, for example for the
> specific case of the Navigator (SCSTR_CONTENT_GRAPHIC, ...) the
> resources are obtained in a loop based on SCSTR_CONTENT_ROOT, see
> sc/source/ui/navipi/content.cxx ScContentTree::InitRoot()
> So the mere non-occurrence of a value's or constant's name in the source
> doesn't mean that the value itself isn't used.

Hrm ok. But furthermore this means, that it's very risky to remove 
ressources at all. Especially if some code gets removed where a resource 
id was used and someone could think that this id is now unused. I mean 
nobody can be sure about this.

>> So I revert all of those string changes now. Because I can't ensure
>> that there are more of those errors. Moreover I did remove a massive
>> removal of resource ids. So may it be possible that there are false
>> positives too. That sucks :(
>> Is there any way to get a real checkup what string and definitions
>> are in use at all?! If not it would be safer to revert all of this
>> cleanup. Even if that's very sad...
> Yes, unless we have means to prove that a resource indeed is not used.
> Latest example I stumbled over are the path type resources under
> Tools->Options->LibO->Paths, but it seems you fixed that already with
> your revert in 3e7832724e6647f6e786b0feb846b97ce8c03070. And here again
> comes the --with-dbgutil build handy that when opening that tabpage
> immediately spits out to stderr:
> warn:legacy.osl:31119:1:/build/libo/core/tools/source/rc/resmgr.cxx:787: file:///build/libo/core/solver/unxlngx6/installation/opt/program/../program/resource/cuien-US.res
> Class: 273, Id: 11022. Cannot load resource!

Ok. To be absolutely sure I bring all my removed resource ids back. 
Because I don't want to introduce further regressions.


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