Feature comparison: LibreOffice - Microsoft Office in the Wiki

Gerry T. gerry.treppel at googlemail.com
Sun Jul 22 11:26:23 PDT 2012

Hi Philipp,
> [...] I finished creating a table that compares the major points for both
> word processors as a proof of concept. Should I continue with that
> work also for Calc and Impress?
> In addition, I am not sure how to integrate the minor points... Maybe
> just adding them to the table as well... Or should I start a second
> table so that it is easier to differentiate between "major" and
> "minor" differences? What do you think?

I just had a look at the table. It looks great and it is also much 
easier to grasp the differences between LO and MS Office. I think you 
can continue with the other Calc and Impress as the table looks really 
very good.

Regarding minor features, I think, they can be added to the table under 
a separator (e.g. a grey row with the title "Minor feature differences" 
or something similar) indicating that the following items are minor 
Is it possible to disable the sorting function of the table |><| because 
it does not really make sense in this table.

Best greetings,

P.S. BTW, is the lack of  XML import / export in LibreOffice 2.6 
actually true or is LO capable of XML import/export?

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