Need help to locate HSQLDB in Base

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Tue Jul 24 09:45:42 PDT 2012

Hi Muhammad,

On Mon, 2012-07-23 at 23:50 +0500, Muhammad Waqas Iftikhar wrote:
> Me and my friends are trying to work on to embedd SQLite under base
> instead of hsqldb.

	Interesting ! :-) I think the consensus (or at least Lionel's view
which I trust) is that there will be fundamental problems with a sqlite
backend, due to it missing type support that we will require to make
things work properly. I believe this is explained in bug:

	However - don't despair - there is a nice chunk of work still needed
here, which is to use the Firebird database instead, there is a new bug
to track that here:

	Which perhaps would be interesting ? :-)

> under the "dbaccess" module as well as the code in "connection.cxx"
> file found in the "source/code/dataaccess" folder, also under the
> "dbaccess" module. We've seen how the wizards and the windows for Base
> are initialized and then displayed and how the connection is
> established when the tables are to be accessed. However, we haven't
> been able to locate the portion of code that actually initializes
> HSQLDB. Please give us an idea of how to proceed further.

	As David says connectivity/source/drivers/ is the right place to dig at
this. If I were you - I would save myself a lot of time connecting up
the code, fixing the installation, and doing all that tricky / boring
stuff of creating a new connector and plugging it in.

	Instead - I would take some existing database backend that is nicely
written and savage it by ripping it's guts out to make it use
firebird :-)

	A good choice here might be to hack the code in:


	To expunge the mozilla stuff and make it do what you want :-) then
as/when you make some progress one of us can help split that out and
re-target it to be it's own separate database backend (which is some
tedious busy-work around packaging).

	How does that sound ?

	Thanks !


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