MacOS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

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Sat Jul 28 15:12:04 PDT 2012

Il 28/07/2012 18:25, Alexander Thurgood ha scritto:

> Didn't have this problem, but that's maybe because LO was already
> installed when I upgraded from OSX 10.6 to 10.8 - perhaps this issue
> arises on new installation of LO.

Yes, the issue arises for a clean installation, and the behaviour is 
different from LO 3.5 and LO 3.6. LO 3.5 will launch without problems 
overriding the Gatekeeper by using the control-open method, while to 
launch LO 3.6 you must override the security setting in the Control 
Panel (Security and Privacy, accept applications from anywhere).

Otherwise, when you launch LO 3.6 after the installation, you will get a 
slightly frightening message (for basic users), which I have grabbed 

> Didn't notice this either, it was only when I launched XCode that it
> wanted to install Java for me, but prior to that I could start LO 3.5
> and close it without it crashing - mind you, I didn't actually do
> anything java-ish with it, I was merely testing its launch, so perhaps
> that was the reason why it didn't crash.

In my case, LO 3.5.5 crashed while opening, and the system showed the 
message that in order to run the application it was necessary to install 
Java (and launched the installer).

Once Java was installed, LO 3.5.5 launched without problems.

I will blog about the experience, to explain the different solutions to 
the problem of running LO with Mountain Lion.

Best, Italo

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