MacOS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Alexander Thurgood alex.thurgood at
Sat Jul 28 09:25:59 PDT 2012

Le 28/07/12 11:35, Alex Thurgood a écrit :

Hi all,

>> following issues:
>> - in order to run without special permissions, LibreOffice needs to be
>> signed (identified developer)

Didn't have this problem, but that's maybe because LO was already
installed when I upgraded from OSX 10.6 to 10.8 - perhaps this issue
arises on new installation of LO.

>> - Mountain Lion does not install Java, and LibreOffice crashed when the
>> Java installation starts (when you launch LibreOffice for the first time
>> after a clean install)

Didn't notice this either, it was only when I launched XCode that it
wanted to install Java for me, but prior to that I could start LO 3.5
and close it without it crashing - mind you, I didn't actually do
anything java-ish with it, I was merely testing its launch, so perhaps
that was the reason why it didn't crash.


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