Triaging Event?

Joel Madero at
Tue Jul 31 10:47:18 PDT 2012

I was wondering if anyone is interested in trying to do a triaging
extravaganza in the next month or so. The main goal would be to get the
unconfirmed bugs in the proper status (New, NeedInfo, Resolved) and set
priority. Whiteboard status would be a plus but a secondary triaging event
could do this. Currently there are 1,452 "unconfirmed" bugs, if we could
get 5-10 people to commit and get on IRC for a few hours in the next few
weeks I think we could get through a lot of them.

Triaging Event Date Poll:

New Doodle poll:**kzmzfr86pwk59ihu<>

Thanks to Florian for setting this up :)


P.S. After that particular week I become more open on weekends, the Sunday,
September 9th works for me as well. Weekdays 9-11 PST (GMT - 7) is hard for
me as I'm at work, after 4PM (11PM GMT) works for me but I know that's
difficult for a lot of people in Europe. I'll try to be flexible
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