[UX advise] Key navigation in ValueSet controls

Stefan Knorr (Astron) heinzlesspam at googlemail.com
Sat Mar 3 07:07:03 PST 2012

Hi Matteo,

so, took me a while to find the courage to read that :) But good
observations these are.

Anyway, ...

> Is this behavior the expected/commonly accepted one?
> I would like to propose:
> * left/right motion should not wrap around from first to last (or last
>  to first) item. Moving through lines is fine (behavior similar to
>  moving through text), although we can also just stay on the same line
>  and stop at its borders.

Makes sense to me. Although, of course the decision depends on whether
we want to make it fast to go to an arbitrary position without much
exactitude or whether we want to make it fast to go to the exact
start/end. Your proposal seemingly aims for goal #2.

> * up/down should not wrap around. If pressing up on a middle column of
>  the first line, then it moves to the first item. If pressing down, it
>  should move to the column below if present, to the last item
>  otherwise.

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