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Sat Mar 3 06:20:09 PST 2012

such behaviour might be unexpected in some cultures (that use
top-to-bottom scripts). Any experts?

> =C2=A0Please note that this is not similar to up/down navigation in text =
> =C2=A0writer (since I propose to move to first/last item if we cannot mov=
> =C2=A0of a whole line), but other application (e.g. thunderbird) behaves =
> =C2=A0this way. At least it allows to display (and make the user aware of=
> =C2=A0partial final lines.
> * page up/down should mimic the behaviour of up/down keys: move in the
> =C2=A0same column when possible (even if the distance is less than a page=
> =C2=A0and, when pressed again and no motion in the current column is
> =C2=A0possible, reach the first/last element. I don't know if disabling
> =C2=A0navigation when key-modifiers are pressed makes sense.

Makes sense. I guess, modifiers should be allowed (but not modify
anything), in all cases where that's possible without unintended

> * If "none" item is present, then it could be accessed only from the
> =C2=A0first item by pressing any of left/up (also page up/home ?) keys.
> =C2=A0When selected, it can be exited only by pressing right/down (also
> =C2=A0page down/end?) keys, but always lead to the first item.

Makes sense.

> * Return key behavior: at least it should not close the color
> =C2=A0configuration window, but my guess is that's a misconfiguration of
> =C2=A0the specific instance of ValueSet.

Not entirely sure about this one, although probably most people would
want to use Return and Tab the same way (i. e. to get to the next
widget and select a colour).


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