LibreOffice fails to recognize MATE as GNOME/GTK-based desktop

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at
Mon Mar 5 03:23:36 PST 2012

Hi Arnaud,

On Sat, 2012-03-03 at 09:36 +0100, Arnaud Champollion wrote:
> The problem have been solved by adding
> export OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=gnome

	Ok - so this is used in this code:

	and the black-magic desktop detector is here:

	FWIW, this horrific mess is basically Havoc Pennington's fault for
killing my proposal to have a standard freedesktop desktop-environment
environment variable about a decade ago ;-) but I digress.

> In my solution, I tell to put there statement, that reads ~/.profile if it
> exists and is readable. Then I tell to put OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP in that 
> ~/.profile file.

	If it is certain that your desktop always wants to use the gtk+
backend, -and- it is possible to detect your desktop reasonably quickly
& easily (ie. an environment variable would be best).

	Then we can trivially add this to the desktopdetector.cxx and fix all
lightdm users in our next release. But of course you'd need to come up
with that information and/or a patch :-)



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