LibreOffice fails to recognize MATE as GNOME/GTK-based desktop

Arnaud Champollion arnaud.champollion at
Mon Mar 5 12:19:52 PST 2012

Le 05/03/2012 12:23, Michael Meeks a écrit :
> Then we can trivially add this to the desktopdetector.cxx and fix all
> lightdm users in our next release. But of course you'd need to come up
> with that information and/or a patch

Well, actually I can't propose any patch.

I have no skill in developpement. I'm simple user ; I would never have 
been able to solve my problem if someone had not tell me how to do on 
the user mailing list.

But I can post every information you need.

For example, I can say that the problem occured even when using GDM.

May I make a report on all that on Bugzilla ?

Arnaud Champollion

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